Step By Steps On How To Embed Tweets On WordPress

Do you want to embed tweets onto a WordPress website?

Twitter is the most popular social media format on the internet. They are short, easy, shareable, and can be embedded in emails, blogs, or websites.

Twitter is great fun but you may want to share content that doesn’t fit your timeline. Perhaps you came across a funny meme or an interesting article that you want to share with your followers. But you don’t have time to write a blog post. How do you discover, read, and then share tweets from the internet?

You can embed tweets into WordPress to share content from Twitter, without having to leave your site. This is easy to do without or with a plugin and your readers will love it.

This article will show you how to embed tweets onto your WordPress site without having to hire a developer.


Why Embed Tweets On WordPress?

Tweets are a great way to build community and connect with your audience. You can also build your industry’s reputation for being a thought leader through tweets. However, managing your Twitter account can be tedious and time-consuming. It’s also difficult to determine which tweets are worth sharing. This is where embedding tweets come in handy.

Tweets can be added to your content to increase organic social shares, grow your audience and generate more leads.

This will increase your visibility and build trust within the community. Visitors will be able to quickly learn about you and your offerings by using this method. It’s easy to embed tweets in WordPress and make your company known, without having to develop a social media strategy.

How To Embed Tweets On WordPress Site?

WordPress comes with the ability to use Twitter as an embedded function. When you insert tweets in pages or posts, it will adjust automatically. Copy the Twitter embed link and paste it into WordPress.

We will discuss how to embed Twitter in WordPress using the Gutenberg editor and Classic editors, as well as with the help of a plugin. Let’s start, without further delay.

Embed Tweets In Block Editor

The first step is to find the embed link. Each tweet will contain a link you can use. Navigate to Twitter and copy the URL for the tweet you wish to embed.

On the top-right-hand side, a downward arrow should be visible. Choose Embed Tweet from the drop-down menu.

The embed URL will be highlighted in a pop-up window. You can also view the appearance of the tweet once it has been embedded. Copy the embed link.

Gutenberg allows you to simply paste the link into the appropriate block. You can do this directly from the page or post editor. You can create a page, post, or edit one already created.

Use the search bar to search Twitter and choose the Twitter block.

Copy the Twitter URL you copied in step 1 into the block. Click on the Embed button.

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As shown above, WordPress will place the actual tweet in its editor. To paste the embed link in WordPress Classic and Gutenberg, you can also use Cmd+ C/ Ctrl+ V. WordPress will recognize the Twitter URL and insert the appropriate block.

Embed Tweets On Editor

Navigate to your post/page to embed tweets using the classic editor. Navigate to the Visual editor tab in the post-editing screen.

Copy the embed URL and paste it into the location you desire. You’ll only see a small portion of the embed URL in the visual editor. However, it will appear on the live page with the full tweet.

Embed Twitter User Or Hashtag Feeds Via WP Plugin

Many plugins are available online that enable you to embed tweets with many capabilities.

You could, for example, want to embed a live stream from Twitter on your website. Or maybe you’d like to have tools that allow you to modify the appearance of those tweets when they are integrated.

This is possible with Smash Balloon Custom Tweet Feeds. You can easily embed a Twitter account with beautiful styles and many customization options.

To get started, install and activate the Smash Balloon Custom Tweet Feeds plugin via your WordPress dashboard.

After the plugin has been activated and installed, navigate to the Twitter Feeds tab on your WordPress dashboard as shown above.

Login to Twitter and click the button. Click the button to grant the plugin permission for you to import feeds from Twitter.

To grant Smash Balloon access to your Twitter account, click on the Authorize App button

Now, your Twitter account should be linked. Click the Save Changes button.

To make your brand and audience stand out, you can change the appearance of your tweets and improve the user experience. In the Configure tab, you can modify your feed settings. You can, for example, choose to create a feed using a user account or hashtag.

The Customize tab lets you change the layout of your feed. You can modify the color or text of your feed using the Style tab.

The last step is to display your feed. Copy the shortcode to navigate to your page/post where you want your Twitter feed to appear.

Paste the Shortcode in your post editing screen using the Shortcode block, as shown above.

Another method is to search and insert the Twitter Feed Block. This block is provided by the Smash Balloon Twitter feed plugin.

That’s all! Your tweets will be added as a comment to your post/page.

In Conclusion

We hope that you are now able to use a variety of approaches to embedding Twitter feeds in your blog. This will allow you to increase engagement and expand your audience.

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