How To Activate eSIM For Android And iPhone

Have you ever thought about setting up an eSIM on your device? Well here’s a quick breakdown of how you can set it up. keep reading to know more about eSIM.

The term eSIM simply refers to an embedded SIM that many phone manufacturers sometimes ship their phones with; especially flagship phones. But, can an e-SIM replace an actual SIM? Currently, most people do not use this tool on their phones so the likelihood of this trend taking over SIM is still bleak. In the meantime, let’s take a look at how you can activate eSIM on your mobile device.

While not all phones support eSIM, not all carriers support eSIM  As a result, while this feature may not be for everyone yet, it will become the norm in a matter of time.

Before You Activate eSIM On Your Device Here’s How It Works

Like a regular SIM, an embedded SIM (eSIM) can be used to connect to a network operator, enabling anyone with a smartphone to make calls and browse the web. Although that seems pretty normal for SIMs, there’s an unmistakable difference between an actual SIM and an eSIM – one can be seen and taken out (via the SIM tray) while the other becomes part of the smartphone and irreparable.


The Benefits Of The eSIM

It makes switching between more than one network effortless. Being built into a smartphone means you get to choose which network you want online and if you get tired of their services, you don’t need to buy a new SIM card. Choose a new network provider online.

There is no need to take it out of the phone, so the chance of losing it is almost impossible.
It gives you access to more than one SIM on phones with only one SIM slot:
In the case of phones like the Google Pixel 4, the Samsung Galaxy S20, and the iPhone 10 lineup, one can use dual SIMs as well as on models released after them by the respective companies. If your carrier supports eSIM, then you can activate eSIM on any of these devices.

Activate eSIM

Before you can activate eSIM on your mobile device, first confirm that your mobile device supports eSIM. Also, ensure that your network provider has provisions for using eSIMs on any of their plans. Once you have confirmed this, and have the green light, take the steps below and activate your eSIM now. When taking the steps outlined below, ensure you are connected to the internet:

Go to your service provider’s website and ask for an eSIM (the procedure for this varies with each provider).

Follow the steps they outline for you and a QR code will be sent to you once you’re done.
On your mobile device, open your camera app and scan the QR code.

The link will redirect you to a settings page to install and activate your eSIM.

Some service providers allow users to activate eSIM through their app. If this is the case with your service provider, download the app and follow the instructions closely to set up and activate an eSIM for yourself.

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