Learn How To Be Yourself On YouTube

From my experience, Being authentic on YouTube can make a huge difference. Viewers want to get to know the person behind the video, not some script-reading robot. Your content should be authentic to build relationships with viewers and keep them coming back.

For building relationships and YouTube channels, it is important to be authentic. You want to make new friends online by building a connection with them.

Users should trust you and feel at ease watching your videos, so they subscribe to more. This is similar to a friend who trusts you and feels comfortable around you so they can continue to hang out with you.

Here are 6 ways to be different in your YouTube videos:

1. Embrace Your Fashion Style

Your attitude and behavior are influenced by your clothing choices. It’s important that you choose clothes that you love and feel confident in. Every person has their own style which makes them feel best. This is how you want to appear on camera. You don’t have to change your style in order to make your videos.

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The outfit you choose should be flattering and true to your style. If you don’t dress formally, you can wear a tee and jeans or a suit. Your outfit will be noticed by viewers if you aren’t comfortable.

2. Wear A Comfortable Look

As with the previous point, be authentic in your presentation.

You should present yourself confidently and comfortably. Do not feel pressured to shave your face. Maintain your mustache and beard. This could be the defining feature that makes you stand apart. Makeup is the same.

If you prefer natural makeup, don’t wear it too often. You don’t have to wear too much or too few things as long as your true self is being represented.

3. Participate In Trends You Care About

It is important for all creators to stay on top of the latest viral trends. However, too much trendy content can prove detrimental. While some viral trends are useful for all creators, others can be more relevant to certain niches.

You can choose topics you are passionate about and that your audience will love and then watch. You don’t have to follow a trend that isn’t appealing to you or which you can’t turn into useful content. You might not be able to use ASMR if you are a fitness creator.

However, you can incorporate popular dances into your next workout video. If creators jump on every trend, despite their relevance, it can look insincere and only interested in views. This can lead to subscribers and viewers being lost.

4. Study Successful Creators Similar To You

YouTube’s stars have a lot to teach us. Although you don’t want your videos to be identical to others, it is possible to learn from larger creators. They can make jokes in their videos to show that they are comfortable with their audience and care about them. It shows passion for the subject if the content is well researched.

Find out why you love this creator and what makes them more authentic than other creators of the genre. You can then identify the qualities you admire in them and encourage you to embrace your own. You might be known for making puns or using hand gestures to communicate your thoughts, which could make your video more authentic.

5. Rehearse Your Videos

Your perception of yourself on camera can be influenced by how you speak. It sounds like the best creators are having a conversation with their audience, not just with a camera. They don’t have to follow a script or lose their way.

Talk to yourself and practice your videos. You can practice your speaking skills and become more comfortable with speaking in front of a camera. Practice what you’ll say in the mirror, and get used to talking with yourself. You can even take notes when recording to help you stay on track.

6. Embrace Retakes

Many top video creators fail to create perfect videos the first time they try. Sometimes mistakes can be found in the final cut. It may take several takes. You can be distracted from your true self by trying to get the perfect shot quickly.

Do not settle for the first shot. It is impossible to capture a flawless video in one take. Even the most talented creators will need to film several takes before they find the perfect one. You shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes. They will happen. Focus on the quality and not the quantity of the take.

The relationship you have with your viewers is like an in-person one. Your audience will feel more comfortable watching you on camera if they are comfortable with you. This is crucial for building a loyal following. True to yourself will attract people who appreciate your content.

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