How To Change The Background In WP?

Do you want to easily change the background on your WordPress website?

You can change the background color of many WordPress themes by uploading an image or choosing a different color.

Your website’s background color plays an important part in branding and design. It also makes your content easier to read. Your website can look more appealing and visually pleasing by using background images.

This post will show you how to change your background color and add images to your WordPress website.

Let’s just get started.


How to Change the Background Color in WordPress?

You can change the background color of WordPress in many ways. This can be done with the help of a theme customizer or using custom CSS. Let’s take a closer look at each of these options.

Use WordPress Theme Customizer to Change the Background Color

You can modify the background color of your WordPress theme using the WordPress Theme Customizer. You can change the appearance of your website in real-time without needing to modify the code.

Log in to your website, navigate to Appearance > Topics > Customize, to access the WordPress Theme Configurator.

The Theme Customizer will open. Here you can customize your theme in many ways. Click on the Colors Settings tab in the menu to change the background color on your website.

Next, choose a background color for your website. For your background, you can either use the color picker or enter a coded hex.

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When you are done making any changes, make sure to hit the Save/Publish Button. The new background color may be visible on your website.

You can change the background color by adding custom CSS

To change the background color on your website, you can add CSS code. Navigate to Appearance > Customize in your WordPress dashboard.

Navigate to the Additional CSS section, and then add the following code.

You can replace the background color code with the code you wish to use on your site. After you have added the code click the Publish button. Visit your website to see the new background color.

Change the background color for individual posts

You don’t have to use a single color for your website. Instead, you can change the background color of every blog post using custom CSS.

You can change the background color and look of individual posts. You can, for example, change the background color of the most popular article or modify the layout of each post based on who wrote it.

For the post ID class, you will need to search in your theme’s CSS. This can be done by browsing any blog post, then clicking the right-click to access your browser’s Inspector tool.

You can modify the background color for a single post by using the following CSS: Once you have the post ID. You can replace the post ID with your own and the desired background code.

You can add custom CSS to the WordPress Theme Customizer. Click on the Publish button to add the code to the Additional CSS Section.

Now you can check the post to see the new background color.

Modify Background Color for Patterns

Block inserter’s patterns tab allows you to access predefined patterns. Click on the + sign in the upper left corner to add a new pattern.

Navigate to the Patterns tab. Here you can choose categories like headers, footers, and galleries.

We have added columns, for example. Click on the column that you wish to change the background color. Next, navigate to the Color section.

Choose the background color using the color picker. After you have updated the post click the Publish button. The background color can be viewed by visiting your post.

Use Random Background Colors in WordPress

Your website’s color choice has a huge impact on how visitors see it. The overall theme and appearance of your website are affected by the color you choose. Some people ignore the importance of color and neglect it on their websites.

If you only use one background color, your users might become bored. Randomly changing the background colors on your WordPress website can be one of the best things you can do.

First, locate the CSS class in the area you wish to change the background color randomly. Navigate to your post, and use the Inspect tool to locate the CSS Class as shown above.

Once you have located the CSS class, open a notepad or another plain text editor and create a new document. Save the file as background.js on your desktop. The following code snippet should be added to the JS file.

Notice how we used the hex code to create four colors. You can use any color you like for your background. Add the code to the snippet, and then separate them using a comma or single quote. Make sure you change the CSS selector #masthead in the example above to one that is appropriate for your website.

Now you will need to upload your JS file to the JS folder of your WordPress theme using a file transfer protocol. Log in to the FTP server for your site. Navigate to the JS section of your site’s theme in the Remote site column.

If your theme does not have one, you can create a js directory. Click on the folder of your theme in the FTP client, and then select Create directory option.

Navigate to the Local site column, and then open the location for your JS file. Next, right-click on the file and select the Upload option to add it to your theme.

The following code snippet can be added to your theme’s functions.php file

To see the random background colors, you can visit your website.

How to Add Background Images in WordPress?

Background images can make your website look more appealing and engage visitors. Let’s now see how to add background photos to your WordPress website.

Create a Background Image using WordPress Theme Settings

Navigate to Appearance > Modify settings from your WordPress dashboard. The theme customizer will open, where you can modify different themes.

Select the Background Image option. You will see the options to upload or select a background image for your website. Click on the Select Image button.

You will see the WordPress media uploader popup, which allows you to upload an image directly from your computer. To find an image that has been previously uploaded, you can also use the media gallery.

After selecting the image, you can view its preview in the theme customizer.

Below the image, you’ll find the background image options. You have the option to set the background image to fill or fit the screen.

You can also adjust the background position by using the arrows. Click on the center button to align the image with the center of your screen.

After you have updated your image settings click on the Publish button and your background photo will be added to the site.

Add a Background Image to WordPress Using A Plugin

A plugin can be used to create a background image for your theme if it doesn’t allow it.

Elementor is one of the most widely used drag-and-drop WordPress page builders plugins. Elementor is a plugin that allows you to create fully functional websites using an interactive dashboard.

You will first need to activate and install the Elementor plugin via your WordPress dashboard.

Navigate to the page/post you wish to add the background photo. To open the dashboard, click the Edit with Elementor link in the page editor.

Click on the settings icon to add a background picture to your page.

Click on the Background dropdown under the Style tab. Next, click the pen icon, and then choose Image.

Now you can choose from the WordPress media gallery or upload your own image. Click the Publish button to add the background image to your website.

Add Background Images to WordPress Using CSS Code

You can add backgrounds to pages and posts if you are tech-savvy.

Custom CSS allows you to have complete control over the appearance and position of images.

Navigate to Appearance > Customize on your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to the Additional CSS Section. Add the following code snippet to the Additional CSS section.

Replace example-image.jpg with the URL that you wish to use for your background image.

This code will create a background image that is used across all pages of your website. The new background image can be viewed on your website.

Last Words

You can easily change the background of your webpage. This feature is built into WordPress Core and makes it easy to alter backgrounds for special occasions. You can also select a single background to use throughout your entire life.

To change the background of your WordPress website, you can use plugins and custom CSS code. There are many options, including image backgrounds for certain pages and background colors for your website.

Now it’s time to update the background of your WordPress website.

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