How To Engage Subscribers With Community Posts

You can interact with your subscribers through community posts. This feature allows subscribers to send messages via text, images, gifs, and polls.

YouTube reduced the eligibility criteria from 1000 subscribers to 500 subscribers in October. This gave millions of creators access to community posts.

They can be found on your channel’s community pages and on the subscriber’s home page.

You can connect with your viewers through community posts, which are a great tool to keep them engaged while creating video content.

This feature can increase your engagement and views, as well as strengthen your relationships with subscribers.

Here are five ways you can use community posts to interact and build trust with your subscribers.


Share Video Update

A community post allows you to update your friends about upcoming videos or to let them know that you are unable to post.

It can look careless and unreliable to miss your regular posting times or not notify your subscribers.

If you face delays, share a post in the community to assure your subscribers that a new video will be available. To keep your viewers anticipating your upload, share a screengrab of the video in the post.

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Let your viewers know if you are unable to post and when you will upload the next one. If you can’t post, sharing the community post at your regular posting time will keep your channel visible to subscribers and keep them waiting for more content.

Poll Your Audience

Use the poll feature in community posts to learn more about your audience. You can use polls to find out what your audience likes and needs.

This allows your subscribers to have more influence on your channel, and it makes them feel closer.

To get more insight into what your subscribers would like to see, you can post a poll. Give your subscribers video ideas and let them choose the one they like best.

Ask your subscribers what days they like to upload videos or which video they enjoyed the most. It’s also possible to get to know your subscribers by getting to know their day and asking them questions.

Promote New Videos

To promote new videos, many successful creators make use of community posts. A community post can remind subscribers about your latest upload. Subscribers will see it on their home page as well as their subscription page.

To remind your subscribers to view your video, share the link in a post to the community. The post can be shared a few hours or days after the video goes live.

Ask your subscribers if they have seen your latest video, and then link it to your post. This will increase your video’s visibility and help you get back at the top of your subscribers’ feeds.

A community post can be used to promote videos on your second channel.

Submissions For Q&As

You can use community posts to collect submissions from subscribers for Q&A videos. You can respond to users’ posts using the comments section.

This community post informs your viewers that questions are open for submission and is an organized way to collect their submissions.

Send a message to your community letting them know about the Q&A video. Ask them to post their questions in the comments.

This type of community post can be used to collect submissions for other video topics, such as responding to viewers’ opinions and assumptions.

These videos let you include your subscribers directly in your videos, allowing for more engagement.

Promote Your Merch

You can share links in community posts other than your video description. This is a great way to increase traffic to your merchandise site.

Community posts allow you to be more flexible than waiting for a video to be posted to share the website’s description.

Share the link to your website in a community post to remind your subscribers about your products.

If you have recently launched products, create a post in your community with a photo of the products and a link to your site. A short message will encourage your subscribers to visit your site. To drive your subscribers to external links, you can create a community post.

You can connect with your subscribers using community posts, which are more efficient than video uploads.

These features will increase your engagement and views of your channel. Share community posts if you haven’t already to help your channel grow between video uploads.

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