How You Can Merge Your PDF Files Without Acrobat

Merge Your PDF Files Without Acrobat

PDF is one of the most popular formats. Therefore, the question of how to merge PDF files comes up quite often. PDF, thanks to Protected Viewer and Easy Reading, is used most often to create accounting statements, articles, contracts, and other documents of relatively large size.

Because presentations often consist of multiple parts, therefore, need to be redone But it’s easier to merge them into a single file to get a consistent structure. This will help save you time.

There are several ways to combine them. They can be divided into two broad categories: software and online services.

Programmatically With PDF Unlimited

Combine PDF files into one program. PDF Unlimited makes it as easy as possible. Since this utility is intended to combine files. It is also capable of splitting PDF files.


  • Free programs (there are very few of them);
  • There is an uninstalled version.
  • High working speed
  • There is an optional setting.
  • Specializes in merging files.
  • Also, you can split files.
  • You can delete pages from PDF.
  • Integrate PDFs with online services

If you do not want to download and install a program for combining PDF files, you can use one of the special online services. In this case, you need a browser and the Internet for work. Below we will tell you about the capabilities of popular online solutions.

  • Zeyda PDF

Zeyda PDF online service has almost all the same features as the previous tool. It allows you to merge PDF files and divide them into different pages. Convert from different formats to PDF and vice versa, add watermarks, crop pages, and set passwords and access modes.

You can Sign PDF documents to work with the service. You need to select what needs to be done and drag the original file into a special window. in the free version of the service, You can do this no more than three times within 24 hours.

  • Small PDF

Smallpdf is a simple but practical service. with this help Not only can you merge multiple PDF files into a single file. But it also converts PDF files to formats such as Word, JPG, PPT, Excel, and vice versa. There are also functions for working with digital signatures and security.

in the patch, You can add text, and images, or even write something by hand. You can as well minimize the file size without losing quality. To merge two PDFs, you need to upload them to the service and start the process.

  • PDF.Io File

The online service not only offers a wide range of PDF tools but also lets you work with audio and video content. Like other online services of this kind, it allows you to merge PDF files and split them into parts, as well as convert content to popular formats and work with protection. It can also rotate and number pages.

In addition, this online service allows you to perform operations on video files such as trimming or trimming content, rotating, changing resolution, and cropping the video. adjust the volume change playback speed and perform other actions with audio tools You can record your voice from the microphone.

cut or cut audio change the volume Adjust frequency with equalizer, play audio, adjust speed, and combine songs in one website. You can find audio and video converters. Including the archiver. In addition, you can take advantage of these opportunities for free.


Now you know what a program for merging PDF files is and what it is capable of. Based on this information, you can choose the application or online service that is right for you. If you need to merge PDF documents from time to time It’s better to choose free software.

To constantly work with them and perform rather complex editing operations, it is recommended to purchase a paid application.

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