Learn How To Link Your NIN To More Than One Phone Number


How do you link your NIN to more than one phone number?

The competition to connect NIN with a mobile line is still going on in Nigeria! Many are aware of the linking but so many don’t know how to go about it and thereby making it hard for them. Here’s how to easily connect your NIN mobile line.

The federal government has once again extended the NIN-SIM link deadline to accommodate those who haven’t made theirs. The Nigerian government had announced that citizens must use their National Identification Number (NIN) to connect their mobile lines, adding that the penalty for not doing so would be banning the lines.

Why does the government want you to link your NIN with your phone number?
The main reason behind the need for the NIN-SIM link is to enable the government to create a comprehensive database of its citizens.

It is also useful to keep track of each of your transactions. Also, by presenting your mobile number, they can access all the information about you (NIN, social media, etc). A move by the Nigerian government to clean up the power of civil service and parastatals, but also to serve individual citizens.

To get your NIN, just visit the NIMC Enrollment Center physically. Take your BVN (if you have one) and your identification card with you. Enrollment is 100% free, but if you have a NIN, you need to be connected to the line to avoid being kicked out of the network.

How To Link Your NIN To Any Network?

Below are the steps for customers to connect NIN to their mobile lines, depending on your network. provider

Airtel: Simply dial *121# on your mobile phone, and a few options will pop up on the screen. To proceed with the link, type in 1 and send to select the NIN. The next step is to type in the 11 digits of your NIN, you should get a link confirming your message. Try again, if there’s an error.

GLO: users can simply dial *109*NIN# to give the necessary information about them to the network provider.
MTN: If you use MTN, then dial *785 your NIN# on your phone and your line will be connected. You can use this code anywhere!

9Mobile: *200*8# will help 9Mobile users link their lines with the database, giving them the right to save calls.

How do you link your NIN to multiple phone numbers?

Apart from using USSD codes to connect your line, you can use the NIMC mobile app. First, download the NIMC app through PlayStore or App Store, then enter your NIN and mobile number into the app and request your OTP, which will be sent to your line in under 1 minute.

An OTP will be received to verify the line in the app, and you can link as many phone numbers as you want to your line.

Take these steps now so you don’t get disconnected and have to go to your network provider’s office to get your line up and running.

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